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Approximately 200 students occupied the parliament in Taipei on Tuesday evening to protest against a proposed trade deal with China.
Amnesty International 2014/3/19
Taiwan: Restraint urged in protests over China trade deal
Police and protesters have been engaged in a standoff in Taiwan's legislature after students stormed the building to demand the government scrap a trade deal with China.
Voice of America 2014/3/19
Taiwan Protesters Occupy Legislature Over China Trade Pact
What began as a demonstration has led to the storming of the Taiwanese Parliament. Students have been occupying the assembly building since Tuesday evening, protesting against a trade agreement with Beijing.
Deutsche Welle 2014/3/20
Taiwan's sit-in students react to fast-tracked China pact
Hundreds of opponents of a trade pact with China demonstrated in and around Taiwan’s legislature Wednesday, in the most serious challenge to date to President Ma Ying-jeou’s policy of moving the democratic island of 23 million people economically closer to Communist China.
The Washington Post 2014/3/20
China trade pact foes occupy Taiwanese legislature
The agreement was passed without proper procedure; that's why the people are angry,
CNN 2014/3/21
Taiwan Legislature occupiers' ultimatum passes without response from government
“We, a non-partisan group of students, civic activists, and people from all walks of life, demand that President Ma immediately respond to our demands on the rejection of the service trade pact, and the formulation of a monitoring mechanism for cross-strait agreements within the current legislative session,”
Bloomberg 2014/3/21
Taiwan Protests Escalate on Demand for China Deals Oversight
Protesters say pact will damage Taiwan's economy and leave it vulnerable to political pressure from Beijing
The Guardian 2014/3/21
Taiwan youth protests against China trade deal
Some of the police sympathize with the students and are reluctant to be here but this is their job. They have even been reminding us to wear enough clothing and to remember to eat.
VICE NEWS 2014/3/22
Taiwan's Protesters Politely Occupy Parliament Buildings
Demonstrators who have occupied Taiwan’s legislature since last week expanded their protest of a trade deal with China on Sunday evening by invading the government building nearby that houses the offices of the prime minister.
New York Times 2014/3/23
Anger Grows in Taiwan Against Deal With China
Hundreds break into parliament building to protest against deal that will lead to greater economic integration with China
The Guardian 2014/3/23
Taiwan protesters invade cabinet offices as tension over China pact escalates
Taiwanese police have clashed with hundreds of students who occupied government headquarters to protest at a trade deal with China.
BBC 2014/3/24
Clashes as Taiwan students storm government HQ
Authorities launch violent crackdown on demonstrators after Taipei refuses to shelve trade pact with China
The Guardian 2014/3/24
Dozens arrested as Taiwan riot police clear protesters from cabinet offices
After the events in Ukraine over the past month, the news from Taiwan feels eerily familiar.
Bloomberg Businessweek 2014/3/24
For Taiwan's Embattled President, Awkward Similarities With Ukraine's Ousted Leader
While political protests in Taiwan are common, violent confrontations between demonstrators and police are relatively rare, reflecting the high level of civil discourse that has taken hold of Taiwanese society since the island completed an impressive transition from one-party dictatorship to robust democracy in the mid-1990s.
South China Morning Post 2014/3/24
More than 150 injured as police evict student protesters from Taiwan parliament
Baton-wielding riot police on Monday cleared Taiwan's Cabinet offices of scores of angry protesters opposed to a trade pact with China, escalating tensions over the island's rapidly developing ties with the communist mainland.
AP 2014/3/24
Police move in on Taiwan protest over China pact
Police in Taiwan have forcibly removed activists occupying the island nation's main government offices. But protesters remain holed up in parliament, which they have blockaded in protest against a trade pact with China.
Deutsche Welle 2014/3/24
Taiwan police disperse protesters occupying government headquarters
Taipei's police evicted dozens of protesters from the cabinet building as tensions continued to spiral between the government and students occupying two major government buildings over a controversial trade pact with China.
The Wall Street Journal 2014/3/24
Taiwan Police Evict Protesters From Cabinet Building
A weeklong standoff between Taiwan's government and protesters showed no signs of easing, after antiriot police used water cannons to evict protesters from the cabinet compound and student groups urged the public to stage an island-wide strike.
The Wall Street Journal 2014/3/24
Taiwan Student Protesters Urge Island-Wide Strike
Police in Taiwan fired high-pressure water cannons Monday on hundreds of demonstrators who broke into the country's Cabinet compound to protest the liberalization of trade with political rival China, handing the island president one of his worst crises in six years.
Los Angeles Times 2014/3/24
Taiwanese riot police clear protesters from Cabinet offices
Protesters, including many students, continue their occupation of Taiwan's main legislature, demonstrating against a new trade pact that would strengthen ties with China
TIME 2014/3/24
Taiwanese Students Carry Out Epic Occupation of Parliament (照片集)
Riot police are sent in to evict anti-trade-pact protesters occupying the government headquarters
TIME 2014/3/24
The ‘Battle of Taipei’ Shows Just How Wary of China Young Taiwanese Are
A trade deal struck with China threatens economic as well as political dominance from across the Taiwan Strait
IFJ 2014/3/25
Journalists Obstructed as Police Use Force at Taiwan Student Demonstration
"We are tired, very tired. But we will continue on for democracy," a spokesperson for the movement, Lin Fei-fan told CNN on Monday.
CNN 2014/3/25
Taiwan police clash with students in protests over trade deal
A trade deal struck with China threatens economic as well as political dominance from across the Taiwan Strait
The Guardian 2014/3/25
Taiwan's protesters are fighting for the very democracy of the island
“It should have been handled with more caution. With China you never know about these things. You say this is a good deal, but good for whom?”\n---\n“We have welcomed steps taken by both sides on the Taiwan Strait -- that they’ve taken to reduce tensions and improve relations between Taipei and Beijing.”
Businessweek 2014/3/25
Taiwan’s President to Meet Protesters Who Seized Legislature
Meeting Could Be a Significant Step Toward Ending a Weeklong Standoff
The Wall Street Journal 2014/3/25
Taiwan President Agrees to Meet Protesters
Ma is willing to meet the students to discuss the services trade pact as long as there’s no preconditions.
Bloomberg Businessweek 2014/3/25
Taiwan’s Ma Offers to Meet Student Leaders as Dispute Continues
Student protests in one of Asia’s most stable democracies are facing violent police crackdown. The effects could echo throughout the region.
Pacific Standard 2014/3/25
Asia Watches as Taiwan’s Democracy Falters
Taiwan's main opposition on Wednesday denounced as "unforgivable" the police use of force to dislodge demonstrators who stormed the government headquarters in protest at a contentious trade agreement with China.
The West Australian 2014/3/26
Taiwan opposition lash out at police crackdown on protest
If the students succeed, it could mean a further democratisation of Taiwan, with additional safeguards to let the people, not any political party, decide the fate of the island.
BBC 2014/3/26
What unprecedented protest means for Taiwan
In Taiwan, students have taken over several chambers of the parliament building, and at one point, tens of thousands were protesting in the streets. The triggering event was a proposed trade deal with mainland China, being pushed quickly through the legislature.
Public Radio International 2014/3/26
Taiwan's students head to the streets with sunflowers to protest closer ties with China (對一個在臺大的訪問學者的interview)
Down with undemocratic Kuomintang rule For a Taiwan-wide student strike as the next step!
Socialist Alternative 2014/3/26
The occupation of Taiwan’s legislature by students protesting the handling of a trade pact with China has been condemned by Chinese state media and in many comments online, but some democracy advocates on the Chinese mainland have endorsed the movement, calling it an inspiration to their efforts.
New York Times 2014/3/27
Criticism, and Rare Words of Support, as China Watches Taiwan Protests
Students occupy Taiwan’s legislature in protest against a free-trade pact with China
The Economist 2014/3/27
Manning the trade barriers
Why Taiwan’s youths are worried their freedom of expression and very futures are at stake
Blog (Benedict Young) 2014/3/27
Our Democracy Must Not Die
Students who seized Taiwan’s legislature more than a week ago won’t accept an offer to meet with President Ma Ying-jeou until he shows he better understands their demands, which reflected the division that remains between Ma and the student
Businessweek 2014/3/27
Students Resist Meeting Taiwan President Over Lack of Consensus
Students Reject President's Offer to Meet Until Their Demands Are Met
The Wall Street Journal 2014/3/27
Taiwan Protesters Call for Another Sit-In
And so you have a lot of preconceptions about people on the other side. It takes time ...to see your used-to-be enemy the way they really are. It's not an easy task.
NPR 2014/3/27
Why Taiwanese Students Stormed The Government
The protests over the past week leave Taiwan in an awkward position.
The Diplomat 2014/3/27
Taiwan and the Future of the Cross-Strait Services Trade Agreement
This citizen occupation of the legislature is the first in Taiwan’s history.
Global Greens 2014/3/27
GG News: Taiwan Greens call for peaceful response to Taiwan Sunflower Student Movement
The ambitions of Ma Ying-jeou, Taiwan’s president, collide with popular suspicion of China
The Economist 經濟學人 2014/3/29
On the antlers of a dilemma 困境中的鹿茸
For Mr Ma, the deal will not only provide a boost to Taiwan's economy, but also help take a further step towards achieving a key agenda of his presidency.
BBC 2014/3/28
Taiwan's services agreement with China triggers concerns
At least 100,000 people have taken to the streets of Taiwan's capital Taipei, to protest against a controversial trade agreement with China.
BBC 2014/3/30
Mass protest held in Taiwan against China trade deal
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in central Taipei on Sunday in support of students who have occupied Taiwan’s parliament for two weeks to protest a trade pact and closer ties with mainland China.
Financial Times 2014/3/30
Thousands of Taiwanese rally against closer ties with China
Ma's bigger misstep was assuming his people would go along quietly with his Politburo-esque maneuver.
Bloomberg View 2014/3/31
Is China Losing Taiwan?
The level of public trust with President Ma and his government is really low throughout the country, and the review of this pact has been very cursory.
New York Times 2014/3/31
Large Crowds Fill Taipei Streets in Protest Over China Trade Bill
Gangster-turned-politician Chang An-le now appears to be a factor in the ongoing crisis at the legislature.
The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato 2014/3/31
China's Ganster Proxy Threatens Sunflower Movement
The demonstrators said they feared the deal would give Beijing too much influence over the country’s economy.
New York Times 2014/4/1
Students in Taiwan Protest Trade Deal With China
Protestors in Taiwan's so-called Sunflower Movement are hunkering down as anti-government rallies hit the two-week mark. The WSJ's Ramy Inocencio speaks with Jenny Hsu in Taipei on a government-backed trade deal that critics say favor Beijing.
Wall Street Journal 2014/4/1
Hundreds of Thousands in Taiwan Protest China Deal
The successful occupation of the legislature shows that peaceful unification in the future is a pipe dream.
The Diplomat 2014/4/1
Say Goodbye to ‘Peaceful Unification’
Chang An-le said the students against the pact did not ‘deserve to be Chinese,’ only to be told that ‘we are not Chinese... We are Taiwanese’
Taipei Times 2014/4/2
‘White Wolf’ Leads Pro-pact Rally

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