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A professor was giving a speech to students occupying the front door of the parliament

Riot police forcefully dragging protestors off the streets

Sunflowers represent the students' hope for a brighter future. The movement has been dubbed the “Sunflower Revolution”

A student painting the message, “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is a right,” which was quoted from the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, 1974

Protestors, claiming a non-violent, peaceful movement

Professor Huang Kuo-Chang was having a speech

Inside the Parliament

A satellite uplink truck full of post-it notes with the students’ blaming and rebuking words, due to the media’s biased reports and smear campaigns against the students

An injured student, beaten by the police

Riot police violently assaulting a defenseless professor

Riot police waiting for orders to clear the crowd before the clash escalated

Activities inside the parliament are streamed live online for the world to see

The medical volunteers holding photos of the pioneer physicians who fought for Taiwanese democracy

The police stand guard

Protestors surrounding the Parliament

Protestors surrounding the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet office)

Anti riot police, wearing helmets and clutching shields

The sit-in in front of the Parliament, organized by students.

Protestors in the rain

Protestors inside the subway station of Kaohsiung, located in southern-western Taiwan, show their support for the students.

Unarmed students raising their hands, claiming their principle of nonviolence

Police lowered their shields and began hitting the students with batons while the students were simply holding a peaceful demonstration.

Anti riot police aiming for the students' heads and violently dragging them off the streets.

The police used high pressure water cannons to disperse the protestors

Students adhere to the principle of nonviolence.

A Buddhist monk holding an upside down national flag of Taiwan to show that democracy is in danger and the current political situation is against the country's founding principles.

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